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Kindred Kreators follows the Northern Way, which is a folk religion of the common people that focuses on functional spirituality for the good life. It seeks to harmonize physical nature with our spiritual nature. It seeks to find the good in both nature and mankind to balance and harmonize that good, in order to find the good life. It is not just a "nature" religion that follows the patterns and powers found in external nature. It is a "natural" religion because it includes the soul with the internal divine and animal natures found there.

Religions in our culture are divided generally into "Eastern" and "Western." Examples of "Eastern religions" are Hinduism and Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism. Examples of "Western religions" are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These Western religions originated in the Middle East and migrated west. The Northern Way is not a Western Religion or an Eastern Religion. It is a Northern religion born out of Northern origin that does not fit into the other two types. It is a middle way with different principles, values, beliefs and objectives that seeks the good life for oneself, for others, and for nature.

Another way to look at it is from a "prophetic religion" verses a "natural religion" point of view. "Prophetic religions" begin with a prophet, whether that is Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Buddha, Confucius or any other specific person identified in history. "Prophetic religions" are tied by belief to the words and instructions revealed to that prophet or by that prophet. So they are limited to the boundaries of what that prophet had to say in the past. To believe or think beyond that prophet's revelation is to leave that prophetic religion behind in your search for higher truth than that prophet had to reveal.

Natural religions, on the other hand, grew naturally out of communities of people. There is no specific person that can be pointed to for its origins. People had spiritual experiences as they lived, dreamed, and interacted with nature and shared those experiences with each other. They found others had similar experiences and feelings. They then developed words and concepts, as well as rituals, to discuss and portray those common experiences. These became the standard frame of reference to discuss and pass on the benefits learned from those common experiences to future generations. Native American religions, African religions, and original Northern European religions are of this type. These religions are not bound by any one person, but are only bound to the truth of the thoughts and feelings they contain. So they grow and develop as the community discovers more truth as their awareness expands through their natural and spiritual experiences of life.

Northern Way is a reconstructionist religion of the North. It relies upon the common language, concepts and rituals developed among the Norse, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon people to benefit from what our ancestors discovered, but then continues the path of discovery among the common folk. So it is Odinist, in that it centers on the god Odin and his family of gods and goddesses to discuss, inspire, and portray the good life. Odin is a god of wisdom. He is not an "all-knowing" god. He is a learning god that seeks to increase his knowledge and wisdom continually. So he is an example to us to always be learning how to better live the good life.

However, from the Kindred Kreators point of view, one does not have to believe in the metaphysical existence of these gods and goddesses to follow and benefit from this Way. One merely needs to believe in the good and goodness these gods and goddesses represent. Do you believe in "good"? Do you believe there is "good" in you? Do you believe there is "good" in others? Do you believe there is "good" in nature? If so, then that is "god" enough or "good" enough. The reason is "God" is an English word. It is of English origin. It is not of Eastern or Middle Eastern origin. "Good" is also of English origin and it comes from the word "God." Northern peoples just believed the source of that good within you, within others, and within nature was from the "gods", that is, the different kinds of good in life. They believed there was Feminine "goodness" in women as much as they believed there was Masculine "good" in men. So they believed in gods and goddesses who inspire it, as well as forces that fight it within and without. But pursuing further discussion of that point will take you into the Northern Way…

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